One Engine In Steam.
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One Engine In Steam (OEIS) usually refers to the working of just one train over the whole length of a branch line. This system is basically the same as train staff working and usually would use a train staff which would apply for the whole branch, the driver being in possession of said staff has permission to enter the branch, complete his train working and return with the guarantee that he will be the only train on the branch. We use this method of working on our branch when Bishop’s Bridge Signal Box is switched out, the long section staff allows only one train permission on to the branch at any one time.

The instrument in Fig. OE1 is used to give the signalman one pull of the section signal. When the signal is returned to Danger it can not be released until the staff has been returned to the signal box and put back through the instrument. This instrument resets the lock and enables the signalman to clear the signal once more.

Below is a picture of the Staff itself, this is the drivers authority to enter the single line ahead and protection from another train entering after him.