Buckfastleigh North Signal Box Future.
Buckfastleigh North Signal Box is currently being cleared out and tidied up after numerous years of use as a store for the S&T department. It is going to be spruced up and bought back to something of its’ former glory and will then be opened up as an extension of the museum. It will become an interactive museum exhibit and education piece. It will be restored to how it would have been when it was originally in use, the levers and interlocking are all still present so it will be possible for people to “have a go” in the box. It is also hoped that the box can be used as a training facility for our own signalling department and as an educational resource for schools and other academic institutions. We intend to man the box at key days in the year with active signalmen who can help explain the current signalling arrangements on the line and show that today’s signalling systems are still based on the same fundamental principles set out well over 100 years ago.