A History of Buckfastleigh Signalling.
Originally it is most likely that Buckfastleigh would only have had one signal in each direction as was common practice at the time.

By 1881 Buckfastleigh plan shows this was modernised to a distant, home and starting signal in each direction.

In the 1890's the signals were re-sited further out as with many other stations at this time, but the levers were still worked from the platform and points from ground levers. There was still only basic 'wire-locking' with the home signals.

The next improvements did not come about until 1906, on the 20.12.1905 the GWR traffic committee authorised a 3,261 to improve the station as a whole. This included extra siding mileage, extension of the goods shed and booking office and improvements to the locking and signalling of the station.
The signalling improvements provided a signal box for the first time, a GWR Type 7d box, ordered in March 1906. It had a stud frame with 22 worked levers and 5 spares. It was officially opened on 17.12.1906.
The box was closed on 17.11.1958 after the withdrawal of the branches passenger service and removal of all the branches signals occurred, all the points were returned to ground levers.

Right: An early view from the DVR days, this time taken when the dual carriageway was underconstrution, the siding into the goods shed had been moved from running behind the signal box to now conecting with the main line in front of the box.
Above: A nice view from the early days on the DVR showing Buckfastleigh Signal Box looking north before the dual carriageway embankment cut through, just behind the Box, and sethered the Ashburton part of the line.