History of the Line 1956-1962
The line having passed into the hands of British Railways on the 1st January 1948 was run as it had been up to April 1956 when Block working with the Train Staff and Ticket was ceased in favour of One Engine In Steam (OEIS) working the whole branch from Totnes to Ashburton. The signal boxes at Staverton and Buckfastleigh remained opened as no savings would be made from their abandonment because they were worked by signal porters who would be onsite still anyways. The line continued to be worked in this fashion until 1958 when as part of British Railways attempts to make savings the branch had its passenger service withdrawn. Shortly after the passenger closure, on the 17th of November 1958 the lines signalling equipment and boxes were taken out of use. All signals had their arms removed and all points were converted to ground levers to be worked by the train crews. The level crossing at Staverton too was to be worked by the train crew, being left closed to the railway. Luckily all of the point rodding and signals were left in position which meant when the Dart Valley Railway took over operations they only needed to reconnect the points and find new signal arms. The line received itís final closure in 1962 and everything remained untouched until the Dart Valley Railway took over in the mid 1960ís.