Staverton Signal Box Fixtures and Fittings.
The interior of Staverton Signal Box has many interesting features, within this page are pictures of the various fittings and fixtures along with the furniture of the box. Where possible the history of the instrument or fitting are included.

The first three images are panoramas to give an idea of the layout, unfortunately they are not of a great quality but they do serve the purpose of showing where each instrument is in relation to the rest of the interior.

Below these images are better quality photographs of the various fittings and fixtures with a brief description of what they are and how they work.
One of three panoramas of the interior of the box, showing from left to right;
the Notice Board, Telephones for railway communications, the clock and the Block Shelf.
Two of three, the interior of the box showing from left to right;
The clock, a telephone for railway communications, the block shelf, and in the lower right hand corner is the train register desk.

The instruments along the top of the block shelf are, from left to right,: Bishops Bridge Box open/closed indicator, block bell, lamp indicator, Station House Crossing phone and another lamp indicator.

Along the bottom of the block shelf are; lamp out warning bell, up train treadle indicator, Bishops Bridge signal no. 37 repeater, gate lever lock indicator, gate lever lock release plunger, signal box power switch, track circuit indicator A C, track circuit indicator A B, track circuit indicator A A, Bishops Bridge signal no. 1 repeater, down train treadle indicator, train approaching bell cancellation plunger.
The third and final panorama of the interior of the box showing from left to right;
The train register desk, the door, the weekly operating notice and the end of the notice board.
The lever frame in its current condition, the red lever on the far left is lever number 3 which controls the up starter signal, it is slotted with Bishops Bridge, meaning the signal will drop only when both levers 3 and 32 are pulled in Staverton in Bishops Bridge Signal Boxes respectively. The brown lever, number 5 controls the locks on the crossing gates. When normal in the frame (pushed in) it locks the gates closed against the road. The closest red lever, number 11 controls the down inner home signal, it too is slotted with lever 2 in Bishops Bridge Signal Box.

The white levers in amongst the coloured levers are spares which are not connected to anything. They would have originally controlled the whole layout at Staverton but control has now been moved to Bishops Bridge due to the expansion of the layout.

To be continued....