About This Site.
Often an out of site and forgotten side to the operation of the railway, signalling is one of the most important safety roles. It is because of its mysterious, off centre stage nature that I decided to try and encourage more interest in the signalling side of our line. This website has come to exist as a tool to realise this goal with the hope that it will be of interest to everyone, be a useful resource and maybe even encourage some volunteer signalmen/women to come and join our friendly ranks.

I hope to include on this website information that will be of interest to starters of signalling and help them to understand the basic principles behind it. There to will be pages on all of our signals, their purpose and where possible information on each of their histories. Information on the Signal Boxes themselves, histories and the equipment inside them and what it does will hopefully be of interest to enthusiasts, modellers and amateur historians alike.

In the future I would like to bring as much information about signalling in the South Devon area to the website too. Where possible showing pictures of as many signals as possible both old and new and providing a thorough resource for modellers, historians, signalling and railway enthusiasts to enjoy all in one place. For this stage I will be teaming up with southhamsrailways.co.uk and together we aim to create the best resource material of the railways in South Devon for all to enjoy in one place.

In the longer term, the goal is to cover the GWR signalling system within Devon, maybe even Devonís entire railway signalling system,
and in the very long term my goal is to create the most comprehensive signalling website in the UK covering as many aspects of signalling as is possible, the sky is the limit time permitting!

If you are interested at all in helping to achieve any of these goals please get in contact with me through the contact page. Any aspect of help whether it be writing articles or if you have any information, pictures, or any resources at all which you would be happy for me to use, it would be most appreciated and every little bit will help to realise these goals!

Equally if you have any comments and/or suggestions please get in contact!