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Friday 17th August 2012 saw the commissioning of Signal 36, Ashburton Junction Up Home Signal. The signal is located at the Totnes end of what is know as the 'Royal Mile' and will provide much more flexibility during special events. It will now be possible for the signalman to accept trains into the Staverton to Totnes block section whilst shunting within Totnes Littlehempston station limits, which should help in reducing delays.

For the time being the signal is to remain showing a clear aspect and will only be used by block post signalmen when they are on duty. It is currently un-interlocked with the other signals, this coming winter a lot of work will be done around the box and the interlocking will be in place for next running season. All going well, next season should see the almost complete commissioning of Ashburton Junction Signal Box.

The image to the left shows Signal 36 on the Wednesday before itsí commissioning.

Below left; A long shot looking down the Royal Mile. Ashburton Junction Fixed Distant Signal is in the foreground, in the background can be seen the new signal. With a few branches trimmed the signal will be visible for some distance.

Below; A close up of signal 36, shown in the off position, fully painted and commissioned.
17th August 2012
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